Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm going Banana's for Gorillas!!!

I feel the gorilla vision. Those hairy arms coming in to grab me out of my seat. Great poster Julian!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Teaser Poster!

Here's the latest and greatest in"Gorilla!" Marketing (someone was bound to make the joke. Sooner or later.)

Don't forget to check out our Teaser Trailer below either!

Nice work, J!

-Dave Shaw
Director, "Late Night Classics presents GORILLA!"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Late Night Classics presents GORILLA! (Teaser Trailer)

Tell everyone you know...shout it from the jungle treetops...the GORILLA! is coming!

For investors $20 or more gets an on screen Executive Producer credit! 50 Executive Producers? 100? 500? Be a part of a grand, epic, cinematic experiment! LET'S PUT THE MONEY ON THE SCREEN WHERE IT BELONGS PEOPLE! on Pay Pal.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Micro-budget feature requires 2nd female lead. What does micro-budget mean? No pay, but you will be fed. Heard of "Community Theatre"? This is "Community Cinema". Shooting will take place in Ottawa starting in May on an evenings and weekends schedule.

Mimsy Reardon is late 30's/early 40's, attractive, likes to look glamorous and is obsessed with "Rat Pack"/"Mad Men" era culture. Through a series of events, Mimsy helps two twenty somethings who must stop a rampaging gorilla. She is reunited with her ex-husband and maybe even her long lost daughter.

Despite the above, this is no horror movie but rather a full-on comedy, sort of "SCTV meets a 50's creature feature". A black and white "B-Movie" to the core. Sense of humour and willingness to indulge in over the top histrionics is a must!

Please send links, photo, resume, contact information- whatever info you have available to

For investors, as always, $20 or more gets an on screen Executive Producer credit! on Pay Pal.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Advance One-Sheet is up!

Pretty cool! Thanks to Julian Adderley

Production donations accepted. Anyone donating over $20 will get a full Executive Producer's credit on screen. on Pay Pal.

Contact us at

Dave Shaw
Director, "Late Night Classics presents Gorilla!"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Casting is 80% of the battle!

Unless you're producing an utterly souless piece of pond scum concerned with nothing but CGI effects, chemistry in casting, especially for a comedy, is 80% off a film-maker's mind. Well, so far we've been lucky with that 80%, and it looks like we're continuing in that direction. For instance, look at John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction". Great casting. Perfect. You pair him with Sam Jackson and you've got your movie. Then, look at John Travolta in "That idiotic thing that came out last Christmas". You pair him with Robin Williams and you've got, well...

Anyway, we couldn't afford CGI even if we wanted it. SO there. Hah, hah CGI! Sucks to be you!

But I digress...

No we're obviously not using movie stars. BUT we're still casting amongst some of Ottawa's finest theatre actors- or at least those that understand the meaning of a "Community Movie". That's sort of like "Community Theatre" where everyone gets to flex their acting muscles, but doesn't get paid- except in food (Please see below to find out how you can donate to keep our actor's bellies full...and score an on-screen credit as well. Yes, I know there are currently much, much, much, much more important things in this fragile world to donate your money to. Just throwing it out there.)

Anyhow, two MAJOR strokes of luck: We've managed to get commitments from two Ottawa Theatre vets to play major roles, both of whom were our first choices: We now have a Gorilla and the Frank Drebin-ish Officer Landis. Of the six major roles to cast, that's awesome! We also have one of our two leading ladies, conditional on her opinion of the project, and the chemistry amongst the other leads, once we have our first table read in April. The other leading lady? We'll see. It's like any film/play/book/ what-have -you, some people get it, some don't. Scripts are out. We'll see what happens!

Whatever the case, things are progressing full-speed ahead and at this moment in time, we couldn't be happier with the way things are developing.

Lastly, our editor JFA has ofered to put together a teaser trailer as time commits. I cannot wait to see it!

Thanks for reading!

Dave Shaw
Director, "Late Night Classics presents GORILLA!"

For investors, as always, $20 or more gets an on screen Executive Producer credit. on Pay Pal.

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Monday, March 14, 2011


First off, no, this is NOT another horror movie. Nowhere near it.

Follow this blog for news, updates and info as the film "Late Night Classics presents Gorilla!" moves from production to assaulting your TV on DVD or Blu-Ray one of these days. Face it, this thing is unlikely to play theatres. Actually, that's a lie. Part of the dream for this feature is to have the premiere at Ottawa, Ontario's Mayfair Theatre (Home of stuff you won't see anywhere else). Follow this blog as the writer/director Dave Shaw and his cast and crew take to this little pocket of cyberspace to find fun news and info as shooting and release progress.


One person described the movie as "SCTV meets 50's Monster flicks". That could not be more of a compliment. In "Late Night Classics presents Gorilla!", a young woman finds that all her friends and aquaintences are moving into a new apartment and being attacked and killed by an escaped...well, guess. I dare you. The only one who can help her is a former late-night TV show host, a 60's Rat Pack era obsessive, who has been sitting in a Tiki bar, drinking himself into a coma after he himself fought a gorilla years ago.

There's more to it than that, but why give away the store? There will be lots of updates and news to come as pre-production and shooting commences. Join us here for updates.


Along with its non-existent budget, "LNCPG" has already snagged a brilliant editor/ co-producer, a talented DOP- who knows how to shoot in glorious black and white, several excellent locations, costumes, a gorilla (Man in suit! Man in suit!) a possible lead actress and a great local band who have agreed to kindly provide some songs for the soundtrack. The remainder of the cast is being wooed from a selection of the city's finest theatre actors. Why hold auditions if you already know who you want? As I say- I'll keep you updated as things firm up.


"LNCPG" just recieved it's first investment- from the super cool Stewart, a volunteer at a local theatre and a true class act. Thanks Stewart! But that's just a start. No, we won't be paying the actors or on-set crew, but they deserve to eat, don't they? So, any money donated to the production of "LNCPG" will first go straight to where it belongs: The cast and crew's tummies.

Stewart will get an Executive Producer credit, why not you? Why not 20 Executive producers? Why not 50? Why not 100? Or more! I for one think it would be hilarious to have the opening credits bursting with Executive Producers. Donate $20 or more, and you, my friend, just became a movie producer. on Pay Pal.

Contact us at

More on EVERYTHING as it progresses!!

Best Wishes,

Dave Shaw
Director of "Late Night Classics presents Gorilla!"