Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All Dressed Up and Ready to GORILLA!

It has been an excellent couple of days in "GORILLA!" world, starting with Paul Washer (left), who plays Office Landis in the film, joining our ever expanding ranks of Executive Producers. A few other cool events

Cast member and one of our Executive Producers, Stewart Grenzowski showed up today wearing a home made "Late Night Classics presents GORILLA!" T-shirt. Let's take 'em to the street this summer.

The wonderful Peggy Laverty, who is one of the Wardrobers at Ottawa Little Theatre, was then kind enough to donate that most important of objects: A Gorilla suit, to the production. I don't think she knows that the movie's finale involves filling said suit with newspaper and animal gizzards and dropping it off a four story building but hey- not all actors are stuntmen.

Lastly, Denis Armstrong of the OTTAWA SUN newspaper interviewed me today about the production and our unusual way of attracting production funding by offering Executive Producer credits to anyone who pops in $20 or more. Denis first question to me: "Is this a joke?"

Fair enough Denis, fair enough. But, no.

Anyway, keep an eye on Denis' blog, as well as the pages of the Ottawa Sun. Don't worry...I promise to, self-aggrandizing sort that I am, let you all know where to find it.

Dave Shaw
Director, "Late Night Classics presents GORILLA!"

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