Monday, April 25, 2011

If the GORILLA! shirt fits...

Please enjoy this early look at the fashion craze to be. It'll hit Paris, London, Milan- all the places where people wear clothes not to protect their bodies, but to gloat at how much cooler and wealthier they look than other people, soon (meaning long before it trickles down to us mere mortals)... the first official "Late Night Classics presents GORILLA!" T-shirt, as modelled by GORILLA! Executive Producer Omar Carbunkle (AKA former world champion competitive waffle-maker/1987 archery-sensation, Rage Steroid AKA Mr. Stewart Grenzowski).

Seriously though, Stewart has been a tremendous help with the pre-production phase of GORILLA! by making things such as the T-shirt to your left and devoting tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the project. He has also been delving into intensive preparation for his role of a Criswell-like psychic (see any Ed Wood movie, or the 1994 Tim Burton movie Ed Wood). His first prediction? Someday, we will have "Television of color". You heard it here first, folks.

Secondly, our campaign to give Executive Producer credits to those who are kind enough to donate more than $20 to the production continues to bear bananas. Thank you, and welcome aboard Jessica Blitt, Dale Windle of Aventus Film, Neil Schaler, Matthew Sendel, Adam Nash, Derek North, Melanie Burns, Nadia Zwierzchowska and Marie Hogg. More to come in the weeks ahead as we approach May 15, our first day of shooting.

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