Monday, April 11, 2011

The "GORILLA!" Executive Producer Handbook

"Late Night Classics presents GORILLA!" was lucky enough to land four more Executive Producers this past weekend, so please join me in welcoming the amazing and awesome Susan Brannigan Rampp, Steven Laflamme, Brenda MacFayden and "Mr.Alan Smithee" to our ranks. Join them now. $20 gets screen credit (Via Pay Pal: and a chance to be part of the, well, fun.

Lucky for them, and for all of us, our first Executive Producer Stewart Grenzowski has some advice for them:


Learn how to - project the look, maintain the image, live the lifestyle, handle fame, handle the press, handle your handlers, make the right connections, convincingly fake your past, insure the necessary drug connections, get the most out of rehab, get discounts on the best ‘As Seen on TV’ lawyers, pimp yourself and others for profit, fake upcoming projects, create false sympathy with the most up-to-date diseases and phobias, use religion to intimidate and instil guilt . Newly updated with Red Carpet Tips, casting couch no no’s, and much, much more.

First project guaranteed or (someone else’s) money back! I can personally attest that I’m fairly certain that at least one career has been launched by applying the principles outlined in this book. Read it, digest it – then get the #@*% out of here and live it , damn you!

Stewart Grenzowski
Executive Producer,
"Late Night Classics presents GORILLA!"

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